Best Android tablet apps

Here i put a list of some of the best Android tablet apps including TweetCaster and Craigslist HD.

Check out our list so you can enjoy all these sweat apps.
Price: $10
Just because you leave your desktop behind when you’re on the go, it doesn’t mean that your work stops. Sometimes you have to take those tasks with you and continue working wherever you may go. Smart Office 2 gives you the ability to open up Microsoft Office documents right on your tablet. Whether you just want to read over or take a look at them, or you need to do some editing on the go, this app gives you the option to do so. Export as a PDF or print via wifi so your documents can manifest however you need them.
Sketchbook pro icon
Price: $5
We may not all be good drawers, but it doesn’t keep us from doing it. Whether you’re a full-fledged artist or just an occasional doodler, you can’t beat the experience of expressing your art in Sketchbook. Optimized for tablets of all sizes, Sketchbook turns any Android device into your personal drawing portfolio. Bring your art to life on a digital screen by using any of the over 60 built-in brushes, all of which are completely customizable. It’s your own art studio on the go.
Sketchbook pro for android
Evernote for android icon

Price: Free
Evernote is an app that will act as your memory bank so you’ll never have to forget a thing. Recently redesigned with tablets in mind, Evernote makes use of every inch of your screen by giving you easy access to all of the ways it has to keep track of your ideas and information. Type out or record notes, attach relevant media and links, and organize it all in a digital notebook. Never again does an idea have to fade into the background and be forgotten. Now it can live on your tablet and be fully developed when you find the time.
Evernote for android screenshot
Kayak for android logo
Even if you’re not one for travel, taking a look at some exotic locations and travel plans on your tablet through Kayak will be enough to make you want to hop the next flight. Take a look at all of the options for travel before taking off to make sure you’re getting the best deal on hotels and accommodations. Once everything is booked, use Kayak as your travel folder. It will hold all your itinerary and details for every part of your getaway.
Kayak for android screenshot
news360 for tablets icon rss reader android tablet google play

Price: Free
This is the ultimate news aggregator, pulling in the stories you want to read from over 20,000 separate sources. The great thing about News360 is that it learns about your preferences through your social media accounts and apps like Evernote and Google Reader. You can access live news streams and share the stories that matter to you quickly and easily. The app is ideal for consuming news on tablets.
news360 for tablets screenshot android google play
netflix icon android tablet streaming video google play

Price: Free
As long as you have a Netflix subscription you can enjoy the service on your Android tablet. You can stream TV shows or movies, and you can browse and rate what you watch. The tablet friendly interface is simple, and it enables easy navigation to the content you want, whenever you want it.
 If you want to watch movies and TV shows on your Android tablet, and you have the right subscriptions, then you’ll also be interested in the apps from Comcast and HBO as well. Check out Xfinity TV and HBO GO.
HBO GO is another streaming content app that allows you to watch sports, TV shows, and movies. Xfinity TV is a bit different in that it allows you to use your tablet as a remote control, check TV listings, and schedule recordings.
netflix streaming video instant play android tablet google play
crackle icon android tablets google play
Price: Free
If you don’t want to bother with subscriptions, but still want movies and TV shows on your tablet then check out Crackle. This ad-supported app offers up free content for you to enjoy. The content is updated every month and naturally most of it is dated. The app is actually owned by Sony and you can always check out the line-up at the Crackle website before you decide to download. There is a dedicated version of this app for Sony tablets called Crackle for Sony Tablet. 
crackle screenshot android tablet streaming video google play
zinio icon magazine app android tablets google play
Price: Free
Access to thousands of magazines from across the world is what Zinio has to offer. You’ll get discounts on subscriptions and you can sync your latest copies across devices to enjoy them on your smartphone and computer as well. Tablets are ideal for reading magazines and Zinio has the best choice around.
If you don’t like magazines then you might want to check out Comics. It’s basically the same thing for comic books, giving you access to all the latest releases and allowing you to subscribe, buy single issues, and access a selection of free comics.
zinio screenshot magazine app android tablets google play

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