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Sharing usefull iPhone apps to the WORLD. This blog is written for the peoples who love new iPhone/iPad and iPod apps.  I have been here to see what people love about iPhone,iPad and other devices, love to have new iphone apps and sharing apps with them.

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This Blog is written for the peoples who love to have new iPhone/iPad and iPod apps
on their devices. I have been here for two weeks to see what people love about iPhone,iPad and other devices, found love to have new iphone apps and sharing them with my people.

I will update with all my favorite and useful apps that are needed by all ages specially Students and researchers of technology, Businessmen, and all other persons.
Here are three great iPhone apps to enjoy.
I am sharing here all my favorite  iPhone apps on my device.

iFiles Pro iPhone app     Document Management iPhone app  Talking Banana entertainment app

Adhan Clock Navigation iPhone app 



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These iPhone apps are also designed to work on iPad and iPod Touch also.

Talking Banana 

Download Latest iPhone app developed by Me

Talking Banana

There are a few apps that can assist when you're in need of such services like

1. Document Manager                2. iFiles Pro by Faisal Faruqi


       4. Scan 2 PDF                                            5. Scanner Pro


What's it about? I offer a way to help you find latest iphone apps . . . .

What's cool in latest iPhone apps? 

I am always fraught with tension, so any help (even in iPhone apps form) is welcome. 

You tell the iphone apps what you're moving?

Who is it for these iphone apps? 

If this all sounds great (and it is) the big catch is that the price quote and the services are for companies.

Adobe VideoBite (Free)

What’s it about? Adobe VideoBite makes shooting and editing video easy on your iPad or iPhone, and includes options for saving and sharing your creations.
What’s cool? VideoBite takes something of a photographic approach to video editing. When you use your iPhone or iPad to shoot video and play it back, you choose the parts of the footage you like and “favorite” them as you would a photo in other apps. The app does the work, clipping the footage down to what you want, and you can combine shots and footage from multiple videos to create longer, more involved movies.
Who’s it for? If you use your iOS device to shoot video and need a quick way to edit, Adobe VideoBite is a professional looking option.
What’s it like? Apple’s iMovie also offers simple editing capabilities, as does Magisto – Magical Video Editor.

Beamr update (Free)

What’s it about? Beamr is for sharing and transforming photos into custom digital magazines, complete with covers.
What’s cool? When you share photos with Beamr, you’re sharing them at their highest level of quality – as much as 8 megapixels, depending on the iOS device you use. The app makes the sharing part easy, allowing you to quickly arrange shots and create a cover with very little effort, since the digital magazine’s “page layout” is created automatically by the app. Beamr’s update revamps cover creation and adds more capabilities with Facebook, allowing users to comment on your magazines. Beamr now supports push notifications for when someone comments on your magazine.
Who’s it for? Mobile device photographers who like sharing their images in unique ways should check out Beamr.
What’s it like? Try Flayvr for organizing and sharing images as well.

Stratego update (iPad) ($6.99)

What’s it about? The classic strategy board game Stratego is now available on a number of online platforms, allowing iPad users to play against opponents from all over the world, even if they don’t own the mobile app.
What’s cool? The board game that’s all about using your army to destroy that of your enemies by predicting where he or she has placed the most powerful units recently dropped on Facebook and online. That means it’s available for cross-platform play, opening up iPad players to a huge number of new opponents for the game’s online multiplayer mode. Stratego also offers offline single-player options and the ability to play full 40-piece games, or quicker 10-piece matches. In addition to new opponents, its recent update adds online leagues and ladders, and improved performance.
Who’s it for? Board game fans and players who like strategy, if you remember Stratego fondly, you’ll want to check out the digital version.
What’s it like? Ticket to Ride and Catan are two more great board games you can play on your mobile devices.

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