Basketball Ed and the Geeks By Mike Moeller Nielsen

This is a aim and shoot basketball game with a twist.
Basketball Ed is practicing when geeks suddenly show up to spectate. Each geek / nerd is very wise and very annoying. What should Ed do. Continue shooting at the basket or...

You play Ed and control the angle and the thrust of which he shoots the basketball.
If you want the camera to scroll to the geeks or the basket then press Ed himself.
Get points collect stars and advance to the next level.

There is currently 20 levels and more are about to be added.
Ed is playing in the Lithuanian uniform.Usually he plays for Kaunos.
He is usually very good at making 3 point shots.
He is however working on his jumps.

How do I make Ed jump?
- You cant yet. he is a bit tired from yesterdays match.

Is it possible to play the game without hitting the cute nerds?
- Yes go for the basket instead.

What does the nerds do to have fun?
- They read astro physics and develop math programs.

How come the goal can hang in thin air?
- It does not. It is pinned to the wall behind the goal.

Where does the force field in the office levels come from?
- The nerds invented it by writing a complex java program to protect them selves.

How much does this game cost?
- This is a free basketball game with commercials. In the future there might be in app purchases so the developer can eat better food.

Hope you will enjoy this basketball game and if you have the time, place a review note.

Mike Moeller Nielsen Web SiteBasketball Ed and the Geeks Support:

What's New in Version 1.1
Added 20 levels in an office scenario.
Added geeky things to destroy. Like screen, mobile device and pizza.
Awesome Features of Basket Ball Ed:
  • Throw basketballs at nerds
  • Smash their glasses
  • Or just shoot at the basket because you are a nice person or if it is close to christmas
  • 20 levels and 20 more about to be developed.
  • Collect stars
  • Multiple nerd
  • Multiple locations (after next release)

iPhone Screenshots:

iPhone Screenshot 1
iPhone Screenshot 2 iPhone Screenshot 3 iPhone Screenshot 4 

AN awesome iSports BBasket Ball Game
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