Pomi Surge By Jason Fisher

This game is all about Energy! Don’t let those cute little Pomi’s fool you.
They are attracted to the Orb and they come in Surges to overrun the system.

The universe depends on you to protect the Orb by stomping those pesky Pomi’s right in between the eyes.

Defend the Orb as long as you can for the most possible points and if you need help,

Try the ShockWave which eliminates all Pomi’s in sight, ForceField which protects the Orb for some needed time,

or Slow Motion to slow down those Pomi’s when they get too overwhelming.

Dominate with one of the Power Packages. Be Quick, We are all depending on you!

Power Package Light: You Get 1 ShockWave, 1 ForceField, 1 Slow Motion

Power Package Full: You Get 2 ShockWave, 2 ForceField, 2 Slow Motion

iPhone Screens :
iPhone Screenshot 1

iPhone Screenshot 3 

iPhone Screenshot 2

iPad Screens:
iPad Screenshot 1 

iPad Screenshot 3 
iPad Screenshot 2

Download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pomi-surge
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