https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pop200/id873934009?mt=8Let's see you reaching 200, it's impossible!

Introducing the No.1 - one tap addictive game in the App Store!!!

"PoP 200"

In “POP 200” the player needs to pop bubbles that are flying around the screen in order to get to 200 bubble pops.

The gameplay starts easy but every ~50 pops it gets harder and harder, harder means bubbles are moving faster. The user can miss only 5 bubbles that were flying out of the screen limits without popping them.

There are two types of “toxic” bubbles that if you accidentally pop them, it is game over.

The two types is a nuclear bubble and biohazard bubble, each of them moves differently on the screen with a different speed.There are two Bonus bubbles, the +5 give you extra 5 pops and the +1 gives you extra miss allowed. 

The game has three main gaming modes; 
  • EASY, 
  •  MEDIUM 
  •  & HARD, 
the difference is that they start with different bubbles movement.Game Center is implemented in the game and there is a worldwide leader board.After Game Over, there is an option to share your score on social media configured in your device (mail/twitter/Facebook etc...)

I think that what make my game so special are few things:

1.       It is very simple to operate and understand the gameplay.

2.       The game music and the sound effects are very cool and addictive (only when playingJ).

3.       The 200 target is not an easy one, especially not in ZEN mode, so a lot of gaming hours will required in order getting this goal. Most of the bubbles pop games do not have a target, just getting the highest score as possible, in my game it is challenging.

4.       If you fail, it won’t take you ages to get back to the previous high score and try to pass it,
In other games it can takes ~15 minutes and even more and it is very annoying.
Here it will take few minutes.

5.       The game can be played easily by kids.

6.       No annoying Ads at the beginning of the game or during the game, just at the end after Game Over.

7.       It can be addictive and I truly believe has the potential to go viral.

Why 200?! Because this is the goal of the game.

You need to reach 200 bubbles pop. Sounds easy, right? Try it yourself and you will found out it is HARD!! Very Hard!! Almost Impossible!!

What happens when reaching 200 you are asking yourself? well.. play it and find out! :)

The game is very simple, you have 3 game modes: EASY, MEDIUM, HARD.
In all modes you have to pop the bubbles with one tap but stay away from the "TOXIC" bubbles!!
be aware that you can miss up to 5 bubbles.


Good luck with reaching 200 pops!!

Don't forget to share your score through Social Media and Game Center!!


What's New in Version 1.1

-3 Game modes: EASY, MEDIUM, HARD.
-Bonus Bubbles
-3 Leader boards
-Facebook Game page
-Improved Text and Graphics
-Bug fixes

iPhone Screen:

iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 2 
iPhone Screenshot 3 iPhone Screenshot 4

iPad Screen:

iPad Screenshot 1 
iPad Screenshot 2 
iPad Screenshot 3 
iPad Screenshot 4 
iPad Screenshot 5

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