Ride Share Buddy By Object Lounge

Ride Share Buddy is a great travel companion that will save you money by sharing rides / taxis on your trips. Check it out and start saving!
Ride Share Buddy is a ride sharing service dedicated to delivering a powerful alternative to help people get to their destinations safely, help them save some money, and also do some good for the environment. 
Ride Share Buddy intelligently matches users within a close vicinity of each other who are traveling in the same direction at the same time. Unlike the competition.
 Ride Share Buddy utilizes regulated transportation services as well as private ride sharing. So two users arriving at the same airport, anywhere in the world can split a cab if they are headed in the same direction, while also helping users connect and carpool to work, visit family out of town, or simply get to the beach. 
Ride Share Buddy goes another step to ensure that users are never stranded, by simply clicking on the call cab feature, Ride Share Buddy will connect users to the closest cab or shuttle service anywhere in the world. 

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