Go Break Collection of Puzzles By Jun Tong

Go break offers amazing collection of brainstorming puzzles. It is a casual puzzle game of the latest. 

All puzzles are shown in unique ways, including math puzzles, color puzzles, shape puzzles, and crossword puzzles.

Go Break is a collection of math game, color game and shape game, which will train you from the aspects below:
• Math training
• Color training
• Memory training
• Brain training
• Crossword training
• Mental arithmetic ability
• Response capacity

Do you love playing puzzles? Do you love brain teaser games? If yes, the free Go Break game app will be an ideal entertainment item for you. Just download the game on your device, it will take hardly few minutes, and you will get lots of interesting and challenging puzzles at your ready access.

The puzzles available in the Go Break app are of varied categories including math puzzles for math training, crossword puzzles for memory training and boosting; some of the best and interesting color puzzles, shape matching puzzles are available here, which will keep you entertained and engrossed for long.

Besides passing quality time while playing, this educational app will offer growing kids amazing training on number of subjects like color training, math training, memory training, mental math aptitude training, response and reflex training, crossword training, etc. for learning faster and for developing excellent cognitive response. The amazing features of this free app are:

What's The Difference?:

• User friendly interface and excellent color graphics,
• It is enticing and challenging with its 4-levels: these are simple, medium, hard, and master.
You will reach next level once you complete one level.
• This game of puzzles is interesting for growing kids, teens, as well as for adults: it will offer unique scope of learning while playing,
• Puzzles included here are of various types like math puzzles, color puzzles, shape puzzles, crossword puzzles, etc.
• The game is addictive: you will enjoy it unlimited.

Download the game right now and start enjoying its brilliant brain teaser riddles! If you feel happy with its free version you can gift your kids and closed ones the paid version too. It is available without any advertisement which will help you in maintaining better level of concentration while playing!!!

Two warnings:
• Never be happy while finding answers quickly: try hard for going to the next level,
• The game is addictive: you will enjoy it unlimited.

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