Phone Doctor Plus By Cheng Calvin

Phone Doctor Plus (Check 27 hardware items to help you avoid defective devices. 

Optimization and monitor of system and networks)

Current version 3.0.1 has problems running on iPhone 6 plus, including hanging after each 27 functions tests, GPS, snap during earphone test, the update version in review, please see "FB: PhoneDoctor+" for latest updates.
****$2.99 -> $1.99 on 9/19 to 9/30
Top1st Paid Utility in 
  • Taiwan, 
  • China, 
  • Hong Kong, 
  • Macau etc. 

Now Available in English!!
▶Taiwan Overall Top1!!
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▶Malaysia, Finland Utility Top3!!
▶U.S. Utility Top 8!!
▶Canada Utility Top 8!!
▶Japan Utility Top 3!!
▶Multi-patent, Quick and precisely detects 26 manufactured hardware defects.

▶Print Media coverage:
- Apple Daily News (TW),
- Economic Daily News,
- China Times,
- Liberty Times,
- Sharp Daily

▶TV interview:
- ETTV News,
- CtiTV News,
- FTV News,
- NextTV News,
- CTV News

▶Internet media Recommended:

  • Yahoo! 3C: "Use PhoneDoctor + to check your iPhone--- especially when you buy a new one or when warranty is about to expire."
  • Yahoo! News: “Phone Dcotor Plus App protect your iPhone in 8 minutes”
  • iThome: “Must have app for new phone, say goodbye to defected iPhone tragedy”
  • “Must have app for iPhone purchase – Phone Dcotor Plus App”
  • STEACHS.COM: “Use this utility when you purchase a used phone”
  • BANMA.COM: “Must have app for used phone sellers”
  • REFINERY29.COM “There are also a few apps that can help you figure out just what the problem is. For iPhone, you have the Phone Dcotor Plus…”

Must have app! When you buy a new or used iPhone, save you from buying a defected one: Eliminate your risk on purchase.

Get your old iPhone checked before warranty expires.


* Quick and precisely detects 27 functions.
* System monitor: Shows you the hardware, battery, memory & storage health
* Smart prediction of battery life: The more you use, the more accurate the prediction will be.
* Network status: Connected but can’t open webpage? Phone Doctor Plus can tell you where the issue comes from.
* Battery Optimization: Extend battery life and save battery usage.
* Network usage History: Data and Wi-Fi daily and monthly usage monitor.
* See video trailer:
* Support: iPhone4, iPhone4s, iPhone5, iPhone5c, iPhone5s

***** Tests of 27 Hardware Items & Sensors *****

1. Multi-touch
2. Touch Screen
3. Earphones & Microphone (patented) : Automatically check the audio system from 300Hz to 12000 Hz by feedback system & FFT algorithms.
4. Speaker & Microphone (patented): Automatically check the audio system from 300Hz to 12000Hz by feedback system & FFT algorithms.
5. Call function: Check if the iPhone can connect to base station.
6. Accelerometer: Check if the iPhone can detect the acceleration and gravity.
7. Gyroscope: Check if the iPhone can detect the orientation.
8. Proximity Sensor: Check whether the proximity sensor can normally detect the approach of your face and shuts down the screen to avoid sense errors.
9. Display: Check display of monitor.
10. Compass: Check the stability of the compass.
11. Storage: Check the Storage speed.
12. Memory: Make sure the memory access speed is ok.
13. Spec Check: To confirm if it's the exact iPhone spec you bought in case of any spec error.

14. CPU: Use a benchmark to test performance.
15. Camera
16. Vibration (patented): Automatically check the vibrator.
17. Flash (patented): Automatically check the flash light.
18. Earphone jack: Detect if the earphone jack can detect the insertion of earphones.
19. GPS
20. 3G chip: Detect if the 3G chip can connect to the base station.
20-2. 3G to Internet: Detect if the iPhone can connect to the internet via current 3G network.
21. WiFi: Detect if the iPhone can connect to WiFi AP.
21-2. WiFi to Internet: Detect if the iPhone can connect to Internet by WiFi network.
22. Bluetooth: Check if Bluetooth can be turned on and connect to other iDevice.
23. Silent & Volume Control Button: Test mute and volume button.
24. Home Button
25. Sleep Button

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What's New in Version 3.0.1

- To correct memory leak issue
- To modify layout for iPhone6 & iPhone6 Plus
- To correct wording issue
- To improve network history

iPhone Screen Shots:

iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 2 iPhone Screenshot 3 iPhone Screenshot 4 iPhone Screenshot 5 

 See video trailer:

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