Carrier Checker By Marc Cavallo - Free Utility for iPhone

How can you check one of the important credentials of a phone efficiently? 
Its easy with the Carrier Checker App!

The Carrier Checker is the ideal app for anyone who is looking to buy an iPhone and wants to check the current carrier status.

The Carrier Checker App offers the ability to check the following:

1) Find out what carrier the phone is currently with

2) Whether it will work with a particular carrier that you desire

3) Whether you will be able to use any other network SIM such as when abroad to reduce roaming charges

Why is this important?

One of the most important if not THE most important elements when buying a handset is checking if it can be used on other networks or not. The reason that it is important is that if a handset is set to work with a particular carrier, then as the purchaser you will have to use the same carrier.

Using the same carrier obviously curtails the options available to you, in terms of the best airtime plans available. By buying the handset means ideally you will use the same carrier and arrange your airtime plan through them.

In addition, some people purchase a handset to use a different carrier when abroad, to reduce the cost of roaming whilst overseas. This is another element that needs to be taken into account and a useful facet of this carrier checker is that it lets you know what your options are by providing you with the relevant information.

So to enable you to make an informed decision, get this app which will then inform you, about the exact circumstances relating to the potential purchase of a handset.

The carrier checker - providing you with useful information at your fingertips

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Carrier Checker Support Website:

Find out the carrier of a phone with this handy carrier checker - Download it now
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