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Kids Learning Book – an intuitive educational app for iPhone b SA Apps

Kids learning book is an interesting, intuitive and amazing simple educational app for iPhone, the best learning app for the young ones. 
Why to carry the books when your kids can read on your mobile or their iPad. This is an app for preschool kids. 

Kids learning book is a great way for the parents to help kids learn Alphabets, Numbers, about Fruits and Animals as well as anything parents want them to recognize and memorize with fun.

Learning via Educational Apps for kids are also quite easy to procure, especially apps which are available for iPhone on iTunes App stores.
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Main Features of Kids Learning Book:

Easy Learning skill areas with 4 types of activities each.
Child-centered, kids friendly environment
Fun, low stress game.
Quality narration and voiced directions.
Intuitive and easy to use app.
High Quality Graphics.
Customizable categories and subcategories.
Parents helpful learning tool for toddlers and preschoolers.
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How to Use and Play Kids Learning App on iPhone:

Approaching settings options in this app you can find four different options:

· Edit / Customization mode

· Password/Pass code

· Game Theme selection

· Game Play mode
Customization or Edit Mode:
In edit mode the parents are allowed to easily edit the kids learning app the way they want.

Through this Educational app for iPhone, the parents may add more categories of the content the way they want and one could easily make categories of the content according to their kids learning need.

The parent can add images and titles to the categories. Other than this, a parent when saving particular category, can also create subcategories to the content.
For Example, say Category: Learning about Fruits, Parents may add Title of Fruits such as Banana ,Apple, Grapes, Orange, Pineapple with relevant images and record sound so kids can learn and depict easily what picture is against which voice.
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Kids can easily recognize and memorize Fruit Shapes, Color, Name, Spelling and Pronunciation as well.
Parents can also record their own or kid’s voice to be played in the game play mode.

Password: Password is for the protection of the app to make it child proof.

Theme Selection: Theme Selection is to select the old or new game background theme for visual appearance for the app.
Play mode:

In Play mode of this app, kids plays with the images and sounds are set according to the theme so that the kids can enjoy while learning four default categories

Alphabets, Numbers, Animals and Fruits. Also with parent defined categories available here in play mode as well.
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There are Options for Next and Previous categories available in play mode.

Kids Enjoy learning with this app we bet Parents would be happy to have this wonderful and simplest learning app for iPhone
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If you like our app and want to give feedback, you are welcome to Rate it, Don’t forget to Share Kids Learning App for iPhone with other parents and friends to let their kids learn fastest and easiest way on the go.
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