Clash of Candidates 2016 – Dots and Boxes Board Game

Clash of Candidates 2016 is the most addictive Dots and Boxes game ever! 
You can choose your favorite US presidential candidate among Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and beat all other candidates of the American presidential election. 
Get ready to clash with candidates and eliminate them all!

What are you waiting for? Download this game and have fun along with sharpening your brain!!

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 iPad Screenshot 5iPad Screen

Featuring single player and two players mode, this board game enables you to select a character among the most popular US presidential Candidates in the 2016 presidential election. 
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They are Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio. Click on the character’s face to select your favorite candidate for yourself. Then you are ready for the challenge.
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Connect two dots in this squares puzzle game with a straight line horizontally or vertically. You and your opponent draw lines in turn. When four lines of a 1x1 square are drawn, a box is closed. Only the one who draws the last line of the square claim territory of the box. 
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As soon as you close a square, a photo of your chosen character appears with the background of your color and you gain a point. To win this dots and boxes game you need to score more than your competitor does. If both players end up having the same score, then the game is a draw.
Sounds simple? You will find out how rapidly a winning situation can turn. Download and find out how you can do to defeat Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton!

Game Features:

  • Funny design of US presidential candidates.
  • Easy to understand and nice looking user Interface.
  • Agile jazz background music to spice up the fun of the game of squares.
  • Invite your friend to join in the two player mode.
  • In Single player mode the computer reacts very rapidly making the game more challenging and interesting.
  • Helpful and easy to understand tutorial.

iPad Screenshot 3
Who is your favorite US presidential candidate? Download the game and elect the one to defeat all others!

*****If you like the game, please rate Clash of Candidates with 5 Stars.
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