I Love Preschool Free Educational Game by Kids Games Projects

A child’s intellectual development is the most dynamic in the first years of life. 

It depends on innate abilities as well as upbringing and the environment they grow up in.Parents can influence their child’s intellectual capacity through proper behaviour. Children should not be given too many toys or receive too sophisticated mind training that floods them with too much information.

A parent’s duty is to efficiently use a child’s drive and will to learn. When our child grows up, it starts to discover the surrounding world and our job is to help. We believe that this app will be useful.
The objectives of the app “I like preschool“ are:
to expand a child’s vocabulary,
to teach about cause and effect relationship through accomplishing tasks in the game.
to show that preschool is a form of spending time in a nice way (useful for children, who are going to preschool for the first time).
The app stimulates a child’s senses through images, sounds and the sense of touch.
This app is intended for children aged from 2,5 to 4-5 years old. I made this app from the perspective of a parent of a 4-year-old. My son really likes this game.
Besides educational advantages of this game we should remember that nothing will substitute the time we spend with our children. We, as parents, should also make sure to use the time playing this game to spend time with our kids and help them complete tasks.
Game Features:
  • It is a multilingual game for kids
  • Native speakers read instructions in the game
  • The game teaches about cause and effect relationships
  • It stimulates child’s senses
  • It contains over 30 levels

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   I love preschool- screenshot
   I love preschool- screenshot      I love preschool- screenshot      I love preschool- screenshot      I love preschool- screenshot      I love preschool- screenshot      I love preschool- screenshot      I love preschool- screenshot

Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.KidsGamesProjects.lovepreschool
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