DotGlu By Ivory Clay, LLC

Use your details and media clips to create a memory page in seconds.

Unite your memorable photos, descriptive text and audio/video clips with one of our fun template designs. 
DotGlu automatically lays out the page in seconds and embeds the clips for playback. 

3 Easy steps:
Think of a memorable time…
*Gather- photos, who was there, text and audio/video clips
*Select- 60+ templates
*Share- Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Dropbox, Email, Text and Print

Record a 30 second audio and a 60 second video clip to embed in your digital page.
When shared, click to playback.

Scrapbooking is fun, but this innovative app does most of the work for you!
Make these pages anytime, anywhere and share them in seconds.

Professional artists and illustrators delivered fun concepts, dynamic layouts, coordinated colors and groovy fonts.

Decide what to collect, DotGlu does the rest.
Send your memories to a good collage…they deserve it.

Memories. Everyone’s got them, but if they’re living alone in your memory bank, well, that’s no fun. Format and share memories easily...a phone, a finger and a few minutes-that's it!
  • Free download
  • Free templates (20+ choices)
  • Free cloud hosting
  • Multiple share options 
  • Print pages on photo paper and create a photo book
What's New in Version 1.3

Bug fixes

iPhone Screenshot:

iPhone Screenshot 1 iPhone Screenshot 2 iPhone Screenshot 3 iPhone Screenshot 4 iPhone Screenshot 5


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